Tools I Recommend (Series) by Debi Montgomery of Mystery Quilts Anonymous

Part 1: Cutting Tools

I wanted to start a series on my favourite things in my sewing room. Many have asked about what pins I use, etc. This series will tell you which tools, etc are my favourites and WHY!! I have added links to immediately below (look for the Shop Now buttons) for you to easily click through and pick them up. There are multiple options in the links.

By using the links on this page, you help me keep the patterns free and it doesn’t cost you any more than you would have spent if you didn’t click through. I get a small “commission” when you do click through.

OK… first on my FAVOURITES list is my Olfa rotary cutting mat. I have included two different sizes below for you. I had to use a different mat for a while as my Olfa mat was out of commission for a bit, which reminded me WHY I love the mat. The “replacement” brand was not so self healing and once it had cutting grooves, it would “steal” my fabric. The Olfa mat does not do that, even after 10+ years of faithful service. I have a rotating mat that I love as well, this one has a base like a lazy susan so it spins. I love to cut on the diagonals on the rotating mat.

Secondly, the rotary cutter. There are different brands out there, I have tried and own three different brands, but hands down Olfa 60mm straight handle is my absolute favourite. I can’t find it anywhere now, but I love the ergonomic handle as well. So I included the link for that and the 45mm straight handle. You may ask why the larger diameter blade, for me… I find it easier to “steer” than a smaller blade, I make heaps less mistakes with the larger one. AND I always buy Olfa blades. I have again, tried several brands but always come back to Olfa. I find they stay sharp longer and I don’t have to replace as often.

Next in the series will be the rulers/templates I love and why! See you then!!

Cutting Tools I Recommend


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