Tools I Recommend Part 3: Ironing

So for ironing, my absolute favourite thing in my ironing area is my wool pressing mats. I am not sure if it is because they use 100% New Zealand wool, or if it is the fact that the seams are so crisp every time. I have two of the 17″ x 24″ ones lying on my hubby created ironing area. I never have to worry about a WOF again. I wish I had one more though, so the entire area is covered and even when I press the quilt tops, everything has wool under it.

My iron battle raged for quite a while. I FINALLY think I have found “the” iron for me. I have a Braun TexStyle 7 and love it. When I was in the United States, I had a Rowenta that was pretty good. I tried the brand that you can leave sitting down and they pop up, but I had no luck with them and I found they leaked badly (I had two different models). I am not sure you can find Braun in other countries, but in my part of the world, it is my favourite iron EVER!

Here are some links to my favourite ironing tools. the wool mats are a must for me! If you use these links, you help me (keeping your patterns free) and it doesn’t cost you any more than if you would buy straight through them.



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  1. Jane Ramey Avatar
    Jane Ramey

    Debi thank you for publishing your favorite tools. I’m looking for a new iron, but unfortunately the Braun TexStyle7 is only available at 240 volts and in the US we use 110 volts. What features of the Braun did you like? Is the 2400 watts of power? I can’t seem to find anything higher than 1850 watts. Thanks again.

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      I love the weight, water capacity, auto shut down, and versatility. I love weight, maybe I’m old school, but I feel an iron needs a bit of weight to provide max hot plate area and less ironing for my arms!! Pretty sure 1850 watts would be good for heating. I sometimes find mine does get quite hot and I have to turn it down or I melt (don’t know how else to explain it) the wool pressing mats. Hope I’ve helped. Anything I can do to help, please let me know.

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