Tools I Recommend Part 2: Rulers

Rulers/Templates I recommend and some links to find them.

I guess I am an Olfa girl at heart, most of my measuring cutting tools are Olfa. One thing I ALWAYS do when I get a new acrylic template is make sure the template matches the mat. I use my mat and ruler to cut larger pieces of fabric.

I have my very favourite ruler, my Olfa 6″x 12″ frosted ruler. This is my absolute go-to ruler for just about everything. I rotate it on it’s side to cut longer lengths from my strips. I just LOVE this ruler. I have included a link for this one and a longer one that I have and love as well. I believe it’s 6″ x 24″.

I have also added my favourite triangle templates, the tri-recs tools and the easy and companion angles. I use the tri-recs tool for the 60° (or close) angle triangles and it’s opposites to make it a square. The Easy and Companion angles are for HSTs and flying geese…just love these tools. I don’t think I could survive without these tools…(not really, but you get what I mean!!)

For multiple strip cutting, I love the June Tailor Shape Cut “template”. I can cut multiple strips without lifting my ruler. There are probably other brands out there, just love this one.

For adding 1/4″ to a cut line or HSTs… I love the trio set of rulers, makes this job very easy. I use this one for bonus triangles, HSTs, and anywhere I need to add 1/4″.

One set of templates I can’t live without is my squares, I believe I have from 2-1/2″ to 12-1/2″ rulers. I use them to “square” up all my blocks.

For specialty rulers, I have the kaliedo-ruler by Marti Mitchell and the pineapple tool (in two sizes) by Creative Grids. These are both amazing tools and I love the versatility of both. Watch this space, we will be using these tools soon!!!


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