Slow and Steady

I am slowly adding my borders and finishing up Kindred Spirits for you. Slowly, because I am trying to write clues for other quilts at the same time. AND I have had so much inspiration from you with the way you are laying out your clue 1 units, that I have been spending time with my design app and graph paper! I love how we can inspire each other!

Katelyn has been busily working on finishing the two quilts she has in the works. She is so excited to share them with you all as well. They will be on her Facebook page, we will try to share to both pages for now tho as many of you have seen her first and love it. She designed her third (Honeycomb) this past weekend and we will be choosing some fabrics for it sometime this week. She is one prolific designer!

With clue 2 out there for Kindred Spirits, I love what I see coming off the sewing machines! Keep those units coming. Remember, if my tester (a total newbie) can do this, SO CAN YOU! They are not nearly as hard as they look, just take it one step at a time and BREATHE!

Loving what I do,



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