Mystery Quilts Anonymous Jr.

I am so happy to invite you to join our granddaughter’s FB group, Mystery Quilts Anonymous Jr. She and I will be designing a range of “youthful” designs for the younger ones to love and learn. A place where they can feel the same “family” we enjoy and have a safe and encouraging environment to “play” in. Find them here:

Katelyn has two quilts nearly ready for them to do. But you may want to join them as well. The “younger” generation will need a FB page to join, or like others, you may join on their behalf to get the patterns and for them to post. Most of these will be her quilts, but I may add a few to help every now and then. I will be standing overwatch to protect and love them all. The goal is for them to love and share their passion for sewing and quilting, with other like-minded younger people….that’s very broad since I am well over 50 years old!!

Let’s help the next generation to love and appreciate their craft and grow in their skills.

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