Life Changes…

As with all aspects of life, there are always changes. I am no different. We brought our youngest home (to New Zealand) from the USA with her three children. For us, this means children in the house again. We haven’t had children full time for four years. We are home-schooling them… ages 13, 12, and 6. I am a teacher by trade, so I enjoy the challenge. My body is being challenged though, at my age, it is hard to keep up with these kids!!

For me, this means less time in my sewing room. I need to make good use of the time I do get to spend in here. Katelyn and I have been busy sewing and writing as the spare minutes allow. I use their media time to work on the book (for you) and our YouTube videos. I am using everything possible to teach these young minds. They are doing well for being shifted around the world and away from what they have always known.

This also means, I need to “monetize” the blog and website. I am working feverishly to keep our patterns FREE, please be patient with this process. As with my last blog post (pattern test), I will be posting our clues here….Nothing changes, they are still free, we still have our facebook page (Mystery Quilts Anonymous) for our questions and pics…..Just using the blog to make some money. Hope you understand and will be patient with me as we move in this direction.

Have an amazing weekend…Deb


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