Musings (Blog)

What a week!

I don’t know about you, but my days turn into weeks and before I know it, into months! I have been very busy over the last couple weeks writing and editing our third book. This one will release on Christmas Day as a pdf. The paper version won’t be out for a while yet. Remember we have to hit 500 sold of book 2 before we release in paper. We have currently sold almost 450 book 2 and over 1,100 of book 1. I am so very thankful for all the support and love sent my way with these books. I hope you enjoy these next seven mystery quilts.

My calendar stays full with new projects! With taking seven new (never before seen) quilts off my “Ready to Go” sticky note, I need to replace those with more for you. Don’t worry, there are still six in line for you to have fun with!

Don’t look too close, or you will even see what we had for lunch this week!! AND, I did get that mask replaced! Our daughter has to wear them everyday, this one has elastic issues and has been washed too many times! I took this one and made her three more! Now she can rotate!

You will also see our Easter quilt beginnings… I am having way too much fun.