Debi's Books Musings (Blog)

More than ONE!

I am always working on more than one project at once. There is always one on the design board. Another can be found somewhere in the “what if I did this or that?” stage. Yet another one or more can be found on the cutting table or with me hip-deep in my stash, searching for the perfect colour fabric! For the time being, I have three on the cutting table (one is our Easter quilt), two in the design stage, and at least two in the “what if” stage. I just love what I do and I love sharing with you!!

Another “three” I have for you is not one, not two, but book three!! We have seven diamond-studded mystery quilts in the line up for this amazing book. You can get this book in pdf version right now! We have it ready and waiting for you. This pdf version is $20US and can be paid through PayPal. If you make me your friend or family (in PayPal), we BOTH save fees! Once your order rolls in, I will immediately send the pdf to the email account on the PayPal or you can let me know if you need it sent elsewhere. To make it easier for you, our PayPal account is:

Speaking of threes, there are three other ways you can find me! I am on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. You should see me as Mystery Quilts Anonymous on all three platforms. Just a spoiler alert, I use Instagram to “log” my daily fun in the studio. That’s where you can stay the most up-to-date. Pinterest is where you can pin each quilt to your board. I am always adding more to my Pinterest as well. Facebook of course, is where our group page resides and you can ask questions, find friends, and have fun.