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Keeping It Free

We have had a long hard learning curve with the website and keeping the patterns free to you with our advertising. Links are bad, etc….. yada, yada, yada! BUT, I think we are finally there and hope if you find any link or ad offensive you will let me know. I have tried to protect the website from political and other non related advertisements.

I have posted some of my favourite tools again in my favourite tools series. There is still one more to go after the ironing one today. It will be the tools at my machine, seam rippers, scissors, etc. Can’t wait to share those with you. Each in the series will have a YouTube video to go with it so you can see what I am talking about.

Please have a look at the series so far and IF you need anything, please use the links provided. It will help me greatly and keep the patterns free to you. Let’s do this!