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Time Flies

The old adage “time flies” is so so true. Here we sit nearly four years into our journey together and we have grown so much and done so many things together. This is truly my “calling”, my “passion”, my “healing place”. I love how this makes me feel.

These has been two of the roughest weeks of recent. Our house was finally hit with the virus. We were giving others a place to isolate so their families could stay healthy, having two extras for the past two weeks. At the beginning of the two weeks, our granddaughter was the first to test positive. Following her, our daughter and my hubby went down. Hunter and I stayed healthy enough to get them through the hard parts. With them on the mend, we finally tested positive and have been sick for a week now.

I know this is no excuse to be absent from the place I love the most, but I have not felt well enough to get out of bed. Today, I decided there is no better place than here to feel better and a little “work” to start the road to recovery is better than no work at all! I feel “so far behind”, but knowing I have heaps of quilts ready for you to create, I know I am not and could “afford” to take these couple weeks off to heal.

I have decided that I can sit/lay here and design. I have come up with a few I think you are going to love. This is the fun part for me…. trying to decide what to do next and enjoy the journey. For me, the hardest thing to do is sit still and recover. I “feel” lazy and non-productive, I know that’s the control freak hiding in me trying to burst out and control the sickness.

For now, I am here… I am sick… I will recover… I will sleep for now to see you very soon! Have an amazing day. Enjoy the clues I “published” today and help me get better by sharing your pics! This is Larry helping me design yesterday…. this design has been revamped a thousand times since Larry showed me how and what to change!

© Debi Montgomery