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My Happy Place

I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite things to do is plan, prepare, and organise projects for you. I’m using my “business” words to say… I love to design, stash shop, and write instructions for our projects. I have five projects in my “ready for you” pile and five more on my cutting table in the beginning processes of being written. THIS is way too much fun to keep to myself!

In my organising, I have come up with our next “monthly” quilt for when we finish Stardust. I also have the next five or so in the “weekly” line up completely ready for you. I just have to decide which to put in book 4 and which to put on the website. OOOO How I love this! Here are those projects on my cutting table! *Please forgive my pink striped curtains, granddaughter wanted the grey ones I had in here!*

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