Musings (Blog) Sending Love

Sending Love

I have designed a bright happy quilt for us to use as a donation for the refugees of the Ukraine. I have been feverishly looking for places for you to donate fabric, stitching, quilting, batting, binding… anything relating to helping those displaced and left hurting from what’s happening in their country. I am calling this “Sending Love”. There is a heart, some stars, a flower or two, the story it tells is amazing. It is made in yellows and blues to honour their flag. I’ll tell the story in the fabric requirements. Can’t wait to get started.

I have found some places in the US who are accepting quilts, but can’t find any large organisations accepting fabrics etc. I think that’s going on within the guilds across the country. I also found a place in Poland accepting quilts of any size. I will probably send mine straight to Poland or try tracking down something in Australia to save time and shipping. I am happy to do whatever I can here in New Zealand to help with these efforts.

I know some are making pillow cases as well. Let’s see what we can do to help. The quilt is a three (well four, but just scraps of one) fabric quilt. This is 60″ X 84″. I may have to do a bit of redesign to fit into the 80″ requirements for those donating with size limitations. I will have all the requirements on the website soon. Let’s get sewing and sending our love to the Ukraine. I believe if you have 3, 2, and 1 yards respectively, you will be perfect. I am trying to keep it simple, but sending all the love we can find.