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Really HUGE News!

Our group now has its own app! It is currently loaded with a video teaching series and some quilt patterns (downloadable pdf). There will be many more teaching videos and patterns to come! You will now be able to take fabric requirements to the fabric store…they will be on your phone! Watch educational videos in your down-time. The app is free on the App Store and Google Play Store!

I guess the biggest thing is they won’t truly be mysteries as you will have the entire pattern to work with. BUT, in the end… we shop and make what is pleasing to our eyes. There are so many new designs for me to upload. I can’t wait to keep adding to your library of “Oh, I can’t wait to make this one!” folder.

Word press is not letting me add the link to the app stores here for you. It’s an easy find if you type Mystery Quilts Anonymous in the search bar of either store. Below is a pic of the front “page” of the app. Thank you for downloading our new app… ENJOY! THANK YOU!! ~Debi

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