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Fur-baby Fun

On a more personal note, we have a few dogs around the house. We have three older dogs and two younger ones. Our older dogs have their health issues, but are still happy and loving life and their daily fur-baby loves. We spoil our wee babes all the time with walks, treats, and so much loving they don’t know what to do sometimes.

Bobbin, one of our young dogs has had two litters. After her second litter of pups we decided to spay her because we didn’t adopt her to “make money”, we got her for love and her breed. She is a mini dachshund, like Henry (one of our older dogs). We kept a pup from the second litter which rounds out our two younger dogs. We love mini “sausages” (as we call them in New Zealand). They are just the best.

So, we tried twice to have her spayed. The first time, she had thrust (a yeast infection) and the vet suggested we wait til the round of antibiotics was complete. BUT, by that time, she was in heat again and we couldn’t spay while in heat. So again we waited til the time was right and we took her in a second time. This time, she had all the symptoms of pregnancy, but was definitely NOT with pup. The vet told us she was going through a phantom pregnancy and that if they spayed her that day, she would likely lactate for a very long time and suggested we wait this fake pregnancy out. When we left the vet for the second time with a dog that had not been spayed, we decided it was time to pray about trying to spay again and why God had prevented this twice. About three days after the second attempt, one of her second litter boys lost his battle with being accidentally poisoned. (the source of that poison still has not been found, it is another sad story) We decided at this point, we couldn’t have those children lose their dog without trying to replace it for them. SO, Boo (our wee Bobbin) is with pup again. I will not say this time that this is the last, because God may have different plans. BUT, right now, we would like to spay after this litter.

She went to the vet today for her 50 day check and puppy count. Dogs are only pregnant for 9 weeks (63 days average) vs a human at 9 months. She is creating puppies very fast in there. We are happy to announce there are at least five pups in there with maybe one hiding on the other side. We have a mid-woof (doggy midwife) this time, a vet nurse that is a very close friend, who will be assisting, five is a lot. Bobbin delivered litters one and two at 60 days, she is 51 today.

Bobbin about 45 days ©Debi Montgomery
today’s x-ray Bobbin’s pups ©Debi Montgomery
Nesting in Mum’s clothes ©Debi Montgomery

See if you can find all five or more puppies. By the way she is growing, we were praying the entire rugby league wasn’t in there. Five is a good litter size, smaller easier to deliver pups than a smaller litter number with larger pups. I think I can see six skulls, but I am NOT a vet or nurse or tech, so it is what it is. Excited for her no matter what. We are able to replace the lost puppy for this family and feel good that we can show them God’s and our love this way.

Have a great day… puppy pics will flood your inbox starting in about 9-10 days! ~Debi