Bobbins Babies Musings (Blog)

Bobbin Update

As many of you know, just over a week ago, our precious mini dachshund mascot, Bobbin, lost her legs to being “paralyzed”. She could barely move her tail and could NOT stand or walk. We immediately took her to the vet, fearing the worst. We were given two options: nothing short of $10,000 surgery (with a 30% success rate) or medication for pain and inflamation (with a mild sedative in there for good measure) and crate confinement for two months. We chose the watch, wait (with meds and crate confinement), and PRAY. Trust me, for the past week, we have been asking God for miracles in our fur baby. She is one amazing dog, I am not sure we could enjoy life so much without her. We were told she would never be normal again, but with heaps of time, physical therapy, and love, we might get her back to 80%. We even discussed a doggie wheelchair long term.

Bobbin has had three litters safely delivering 14 babies over the course of her life, of which we have kept two. She had her spey safely, and comes home to play with her fur family and injure her spine. She is such an active four year old, keeping her down would not be easy for us.

The next week (til yesterday) we were very diligent to keep her in the crate 24/7 except for her toilet breaks where we had her back end in a sling to help her go potty. It was rough on her and us as she whined a lot over the week and was not at all happy in her crate. By the end of the week, we were all crazy and exhausted, but knew we were in for the long haul.

Long story short, we took her to the vet yesterday for her one week post injury follow-up. We were told in the beginning, she would heal most in the first week, not to expect more than 10-20%. Bobbin surprised all of us, being very understanding of the crate in the end. Knowing we were right here with her. I have her crate in my sewing room on a table so she can see me work at my computer, sewing machine, and cutting table.

Bobbin is already back to about 90% of herself and is OUT OF HER CRATE!! She is allowed to walk around the house unassisted, but may not get on and off the bed and furniture by herself. She is not allowed to do stairs. SO, we carry her to the grass, and pick her up to put her on the couch with us.

God showed us a miracle this week in Bobbin. Our vet even agrees the only way this could have happened is that our Creator worked in Bobbin’s spine and life. Needless to say, I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for you, your friendship, your thoughts, prayers, notes of kindness, checking in on her (and me), and our family here. Thank you just isn’t enough.

I think she understands she needs to take it easy. Last night in my studio, with Henry (our 11 year old boy) and just relaxing OUT of the crate! I love my fur babies!

Bobbin and Henry ©Debi Montgomery

THANK YOU!!!!!! ~Debi