Preparing the FUN…

Our grandchild count in the house has been more than normal for the past few weeks. While we have the extras and my studio has become a bedroom, I have been working a lot on organizing fabrics and designs… getting ready to dig in and have some fun. My life recently has found me shoulder deep in the stash or at the computer with my junk journal open at the ready. I am so excited to be BACK!!

Being Organized takes time ©Debi Montgomery


5 responses to “Preparing the FUN…”

  1. Cici Cornell Avatar
    Cici Cornell

    And we are so glad to have you back!

  2. Ever once in while we all need to dig deep into the stash to rediscover the lost treasures. 💜😃

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I’ve been digging pretty deep recently!

  3. Helen Tester Avatar
    Helen Tester


  4. Carol Johnson Avatar
    Carol Johnson

    Thank you for enfo was on my computer , but figured it out

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