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Birthday Playing

Did you ever feel like you were so far behind on projects, you are chasing your own tail?? That’s me this week. With the computer crash, having extra grandkids in the house (sewing room became a bedroom – teenage boy!), and life in general… the past few weeks have been very slow in the cutting and sewing department. I am now going back to work on the website and to the cutting table. Also, busy writing four projects at once, with three more that need finishing up. ALWAYS BUSY!

Today is my 60th birthday. I hope to spend time in my “happy place” today. Can’t wait til said grandson awakes to have some time in there! In the meantime, I will share the projects I am working on and some inspiration I am looking at right now. The pics don’t do the inspiration justice, seems to dull the fabrics out, they are so “blue” here and grey in the pic…

Four Projects ©Debi Montgomery
Inspiration ©Debi Montgomery