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Back in Business

My computer did make it home today and I did lose all the data that wasn’t saved to the cloud. I am missing a few quilts, but have paper copies of those, for which I am very thankful. I spent the entire day updating the software for the operating system and downloading all the additional software I require to design, write, and upload patterns for you. That was a six hour job, it required several cups of tea! I even caught my reflection in the screen! I am wiped out this evening. Tomorrow morning, we are GOING FOR IT!!

The good thing is I am back in business and ready to get back to sending you clues all the time for our many projects we have going and upcoming. I love our “family” and I love that you were so kind and helpful when the “crash” happened. You all kept me sane and moving forward, THANK YOU!

She’s BACK!! ©Debi Montgomery

©Debi Montgomery