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Classic Vintage

Today was the day I got to sit for a few hours with block design books and peruse through to find those “normal” blocks, the “go-to” blocks of eras past. I found so many I wanted to use, but alas a quilt can only be so big! I found most quilts had lattice as well, I’m thinking to make their quilts larger with little effort and fabric. I’ve soaked all this in and created a very classic looking quilt (in my style). I am loving this and can’t wait to get started. I played with colour and rotation of blocks… just had heaps of fun.

At this point, I have saved in on the computer as “classic vintage”. I am usually more creative with the names, but I guess the inspiration is all in the design. I’d love a bit of help naming it. Maybe I should make it an “unmystery” so you can see… I started with the “Back to Normal” inspiration and the quilt just flowed out. I am excited to pull vintage fabrics for this beauty. I’m thinking of maybe even looking for some “feed sack” type fabrics to work with.

I also read that the “mystery” part of quilting is not a new concept… with quilters of the past waiting for the next installment of block patterns in their local newspaper. How exciting that must have been. I get anxious for the emails to come in from my favourite shops about their fabric specials, I love the thought of the anticipation of the newspaper quilt blocks.

Enough babbling… time to go shopping! (even if it is only in my stash) Please comment with your suggestions for names for this quilt, keeping in mind all the happy details I have given you… Can’t wait to hear from you.