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Go-To Blocks

When you are making a quilt to donate or otherwise, do you have a go-to block that you may use in every quilt? An easy one that helps you connect everything or one you include as part of your story in each quilt?

I ask because I am working through all the traditional blocks and trying to come up with a “normal” or “new normal”. I want to tell the story of how normal changes and comes back around.

My favourite go-to is a tri-recs star, especially when situated on-point (diamond). I’d love to know yours and how long you’ve been stitching away…how many “go-to” blocks have you had on your quilt life? My pic is using the tri-recs tool for a different block, I love how they look!

Please comment here or in our Facebook group if you have access, I really want to hear from you!