Bobbin’s Miracle Intro

Ok, you guessed it! While I had time because I had to spend 24/7 with my precious Bobbin, I used it wisely! I DESIGNED A QUILT!! This one tells her story of crate confinement, tears (both of joy and sorrow), and all the love and prayers she received from all her friends. I am excited to do this one, so I decided we just might have to do it as a sew-along as I want to tell the story whilst it’s so fresh with us.

Here are my best guess requirements. I hope you have time to sew with me! Let’s start collecting…I may go shopping for “dog related” fabric for this special beauty. Have fun! I have NOT included my fabrics in here as I have not pulled them yet. This will help you to pop out of your comfort zone and pull something you may not have used otherwise!

I have included a pic of Bobbin for you! She’s with her baby from the last litter, little Buttons is 15+ weeks old, Bobbin is 4 years old.

Buttons and Bobbin ©Debi Montgomery

Thank you for your prayers, let’s enjoy this design together to celebrate and praise! ~Debi

Bobbin’s Miracle ©Debi Montgomery

I still may change that black print… I’m still playing!!


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