Cleaning those Machines

I know we are all sewing more than normal, so I wanted to remind you to clean your sewing machine. I do at least three things each clean: remove the lint from under the needle plate, oil the moving parts, and clean the lint from the needle shaft (and presser foot shaft). Most “modern” machines don’t need oiling at home and some you can’t open the side like I can mine.

This is what I do, THIS is NOT a How-To clean your machine. Just a few suggestions and pics of what I do after each project. I always work with my machine off, but I needed the light for the pics!!

Ugh, look at all that lint!
Tidy and ready for three drops of oil…
Don’t forget the back side of your needle plate and bobbin race!
There is usually a bit of lint on the needle/presser foot shaft. It gets a drop of oil as well!
Then I run a scrap fabric through to make sure I threaded it and to work that oil around and catch the extra oil from the needle/presser foot shaft.

Just a reminder to keep it clean and show it some maintenance over the quarantine time to keep it running for you. I keep a spare tension spring on hand as well…. Hope something helped, if nothing else, just reminded you to clean your precious machine.


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