Making Do…

I am inspired to work with things I would normally donate to a second hand store, etc. I am going to use old jeans, my hubby’s old shirts, and some other cotton fabrics I can find and make a quilt. I have seen some others use jeans and shirts and I love the look. It also tells a story and keeps the amazing memories alive.

My two minute search, watch out drawers, closets, and too small piles…here I come!!

There are even a couple pair of shorts in there… I know, not much fabric, but I will still cut them up.. grey is one of those colours I can always use!! On his shirts, I pull off the buttons and those worn out collars and then have a field day!! I use those all the time in orphan and scrappy blocks. This will be a first for the jeans.

I would love for you to do this with me and share what you are using in your make do quilt…..