Making Do…

I am inspired to work with things I would normally donate to a second hand store, etc. I am going to use old jeans, my hubby’s old shirts, and some other cotton fabrics I can find and make a quilt. I have seen some others use jeans and shirts and I love the look. It also tells a story and keeps the amazing memories alive.

My two minute search, watch out drawers, closets, and too small piles…here I come!!

There are even a couple pair of shorts in there… I know, not much fabric, but I will still cut them up.. grey is one of those colours I can always use!! On his shirts, I pull off the buttons and those worn out collars and then have a field day!! I use those all the time in orphan and scrappy blocks. This will be a first for the jeans.

I would love for you to do this with me and share what you are using in your make do quilt…..


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  1. Just make sure you don’t use too much denim. I have a king and 2 singles made of about 75% denim and I have to take them to the laundromat. Not good on my front loaders. They are so heavy. Plus hand sewing the binding (Which is cotton) was killer bc denim is so thick. Just some tips. I love all three quilts.

  2. My first mystery quilt was made over 20 years ago and just recently professionally quilted. I had quite a few leftovers and I challenged myself to do something with them. I had four strip sets and seven four patches. I folded the strip sets in half and stitched them, then used a triangle ruler to cut squares. I paired the squares with white charms and made hst’s. I’ve laid them out in a star pattern and the hst’s create pinwheels. It should be about 60″ finished.

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