Sunday Drive…

I decided since I worked so hard yesterday finishing up a couple of designs, pulling fabric and working on four different quilts, and everything else that happens on a Saturday… that I would try to “play” today and sew for myself. THAT DIDN’T WORK! Katelyn decided since Hunter has an apron and he doesn’t bake that she wanted one because she DOES! So, I let her choose some fabrics and I sat down at the sewing machine and this popped out. I’m really happy she loves it. It is bright and cheerful. I didn’t have a pattern (again!) so this is another “wing” it job! Not too shabby! (I look ridiculous, but she looks amazing!)

It’s WAY brighter in person!

I will share some fabric pics (for future quilts) tomorrow… maybe even another clue for Gingham Style!! See you then! ~Debi


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