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Zero Waste

So I have a dilemma… I have had a zero waste sewing room for several years now. I save every little scrap that can be used even those little dog ears. BUT, recently I read about how the animal shelters really don’t like the dog beds made from these little guys as they turn to concrete when washed. Now I have a full rubbish bin of these tiny things and I am finding it very hard to throw them away. What can I do with these scraps that are too small to be used again?

What do you do with your scraps? I have my strips and squares in plastic shoe boxes by colour. Fat quarters and larger scraps in bins, not so organised! And everything over a metre of fabric is in my stash by colour as well. Not really worried about the larger ones… it’s these tiny ones! These scraps are sliver trims, selvages, and those little corners we trim off triangles. Every scrap is 100% cotton. I save anything I can use as a leader/ender until it is full of stitching, reusing (maybe even abusing) everything I possibly can.

Can they be put on the garden as a weed mat? Can they be buried? I am grasping at straws before I break down and throw them in the rubbish to be taken to the tip. I really don’t want to do that, but I will if there is nothing else!

HELP!!!!! I need your ideas! I am being overrun by teeny tiny little pieces of fabric