Sew Along Musings

As New Zealand is in a level 4 lockdown again, I respond with a story in the form of a new design. I am loving this design and the story it tells about our history for future generations to learn and love from the “past” as we have about our history from quilts from long ago.

This quilt tells a story of the circle of time and choices in life. I have named it Roundabouts. It has a couple curves that can easily be half square triangles if you want four way stops instead of roundabouts. I have loved designing this quilt and can’t wait to get started.

I would love to share it as a sew along, to keep us all busy as we endure yet another lockdown. It has plenty of blank space for you to show off your quilting skills or applique work. I am anxious to get started. I so hope you will be sewing with me.


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  1. Victoria Lipp Avatar
    Victoria Lipp

    This Roundabouts Quilt sounds wonderful! I live in a beautiful place in Florida and we have tons of roundabouts. They are amazing to travel; but people with motion sickness don’t really like them. Oh well, a quilt won’t make people sick, it will make them happy. Love everything you do for us Debi Montgomery. You are a blessing for sure!

    1. Avatar

      I love roundabouts! This is a fun quilt and tells a quirky story!

  2. cowelk1 Avatar

    So happy you are using this unfortunate time to be creative! Hope your day is blessed!

    1. Avatar

      I love to create, and what better time, right?? Hope your day is AMAZING!

  3. Roundabouts wounds like fun. Count me in. Only hope I can find an iron to borrow , mine stopped working last night in the middle of quilting. Not a happy quilter at the moment as I love to press as I go!.
    Will make it work somehow.

    1. Avatar

      OH NO!!!!!!!! This is not good Marie! Hope you found one!

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