Musings (Blog)


I have been on the hunt for a perfect (hehe) rotary blade for a very long time. I have been using Olfa blades since the beginning of time and love them. I do feel with the amount of cutting I do, they get dull so quickly. SO, I ordered the highest customer rated titanium blades I could find out there.

I received them today. They are packaged in a plastic storage case like many other brands. There is a ton of oil in the container to keep them from rusting. The main difference to me is the look. These are more gold, whereas the others I have used in the past have been silver in colour. These are the 60mm blades, ten in a case.

If you have a favourite blade, please let me know and why! I will keep you posted on this blade journey to find my favourite. For these titanium blades, my right out of the box opinion is good. Now to put them in the actual cutter and get cutting!