I am so excited my books are finally in my possession! I have a few left, if you would like to have a personally signed copy, please let me know. I will gladly pick up the shipping in New Zealand for $40NZ {$49NZ to AUS}…this is for the book AND shipping. Other countries, please let me know where you are and I will let you know what your shipping fees are (I will discount the book by the cost of shipping within New Zealand.)

If you already have a copy from Amazon and you want me to sign it, if you will pick up the postage, I will happily sign your copy! Just letting you know, you may be shocked by the international shipping rates right now, I was! If you would rather wait til travel restrictions are lifted and I can be out and about again, I would love to do a retreat for you.. I already have a Canadian retreat location picked out! I can’t wait to meet you personally!

Have the best of days!



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  1. OOOHHH – having a retreat with you would be so fabulous!! I can’t wait for the restrictions to be gone!! Thanks for a great suggestion!!

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