I had one of those wonderful days today when your husband comes in the studio with your sewing machine “suitcase” and says “Pack your bags, we’re going away for the weekend…” It certainly didn’t take me long to say WOOHOO, let’s go! Bag is packed with one project and all the gear to complete it. I will be taking my computer and all necessary gear to design when the inspiration hits.. we are going to the beach, I am quite sure I will find helps of inspiration there.

I am completely accessible while I am away, with wifi and gadgets galore! Looking forward to connecting with everyone while I’m away. I am excited for our get-away so I will stop babbling now and finish packing!!

Have an amazing day!!


6 responses to “Weekend Away”

  1. How wonderful. Enjoy

  2. Have a wonderful and relaxing time!

  3. Good for you! 😊 Enjoy

  4. Victoria Lipp Avatar
    Victoria Lipp

    Going to the beach sounds like a fun, luxurious way to spend a weekend. Have a great time with your husband.

  5. Joelle Martz Avatar
    Joelle Martz

    i hope ypu enjoy the beach so much that the sewing machine never gets unpacked…ENJOY.

  6. Have a great time – I’m jealous

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