Cyclones and Power Outages!

FINALLY have power back after being without all day yesterday. I couldn’t sew or upload as everything I do here requires internet. I don’t even have cell service without power as we live in a valley and depend on a signal booster (requiring power) to have service.. totally no data at all.

It was mating season Saturday and yesterday for Bobbin, our miniature dachshund (black dog in pic). This is her second litter and her last. She was an amazing mama the first round having five pups. Hopefully, she will be the same again! Rudolph (Rudi) (red dog) was such a charming little man over the weekend. Too cute!

Now, I can get back to work with My Knight and hopefully power through the clues I have written for you. I like to cut and write from my own instructions, making sure they are correct along the way. Hopefully, I will have clue 1 ready for you later today as I have them sewn, just need to finish the instructions with the pics.

Thanks for keeping me busy while Shane is away. This has been and hopefully will continue to be a very fun distraction for me. Enjoy your day… talk soon!


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  1. I’m here for you. I will bug you all you want and distract you!

  2. Such sweet puppies! We had a little red dachshund, she was such a sweet little girl. Miss her

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