Musings (Blog)


The good news about my computer is that they can fix it and that insurance covers it except for our $500 excess (deductible). The bad news is really bad, I lost ALL my data that wasn’t saved to the iCloud. This includes my quilt design software so I am now trying to piece all these back together and pick up the pieces. I’m not gonna lie, I cried when I got the news… there are two years worth of quilts that I have to find and recreate. BUT! We can do this. We (you and me) can piece this all back together. We will maybe just move forward, starting with where we were two years ago (last thing I am able to find is from Nov 2020) and weeding through and deciding to leave them “in the past” or re-create with different design options…. I have all the instructions in the cloud, just not the “design” part.

You know what, just saying it out loud makes me feel better and motivated to move forward, smiling, and remembering nothing happens by mistake. My testers have the current quilts, I have the past quilts, and WE will have the future ones…. Starting with something that will chronicle this part of our journey. Please give me inspiration for a design to tell our story; your favourite block, size quilt, method for any block, something you have learned along the way, or just anything you want to share. We can do this, TOGETHER.

THANK YOU for being on this journey with me.