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I am hoping you have made goals for this year, WOW… yes it’s 2022. Shane and I were talking the other day.. when we were young, 2020 sounded SO FAR AWAY, yet here we are! I have made some goals, most include YOU! I would love to have a project always going for you. I would love to keep you busy and learning, keeping myself busy and learning all the time as well. I would love to have you in my studio with me more often!

I have our Easter project designed and am working on the “math” side of things. If you know me at all, math is NOT my forte! I learn by doing, and I am ambidextrous! I can cut with both hands, I thread a needle with my left, tie my shoes with my left, and am left eye dominant! I can write with my left, but if I want it to be read easily, I use my right!! (Boy was that a rabbit trail!)

Back to Easter, I am calling it New Beginnings and it is an amazing design that I am looking forward to sharing with you. As with most, if not all, of my designs, it also has a story to tell. One of starting over, one of strength in weakness, one of loving encouragement coming from others.

I also have a few quilts in the line up for us to complete this year. I have at least two that I want to do as sew-alongs. Even offering a sneak peak or two are on the calendar for you. I found with Attic Stars, not a lot of us know how to confidently assemble an “on point” quilt. SO, our first sew along is a beautiful EASY on point quilt design that will take us from making sure our seam allowances are correct, to working with templates, and finally setting on point and those setting triangles… This one is called Follow the Stars.

Some of this year’s designs are: Tiddlywinks, X Marks the Spot (designed by me with a lot of help from our 8 year old grandson), Stardust, Frosty Stars (a “you are the designer” design), Star Burst… but I am just getting ahead of myself! Let’s just say, I am so happy and very thankful you are on this journey with me. I will leave you with a pic of a block from one of the quilts we will be doing this year!

I am sooo happy you’re on this journey with me!


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  1. Lori Jean Avatar
    Lori Jean

    Blessed to have found this group. You are such a talented giving person Debi, thank you for allowing us to share your space. Looking forward to great things in 2022!!

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      Thank you so much for the companionship and encouragement!!

  2. alteresayourlinkca Avatar

    sounds wonderful

  3. I have to square up my blocks (the part I hate the most) LOL and my Attic Stars will be ready to make a top. Thank you for the opportunity to make this and the other quilts you design.

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I’m having so much fun sewing with you! Thank YOU!

  4. You are a wonder!! Thank you for including us in what you love to do!

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      Thank you!!!!

  5. Valerie Avatar

    I am amazed by you and your generous nature. Thank you so much Debi for sharing your quilting talent with us. Looking forward to the new designs!

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      Thank you so much for the sweet encouragement ♥️

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