Musings (Blog) UFO Challenge 2023

Meeting Goals NOW

I am super excited to start 2023 with a totally clean slate! I have been working on finishing up all the quilts I designed in previous years and getting them ready to donate, sell, or gift. I also have some set aside for teaching purposes. I also have another set of seven for BOOK 4!!! I am super excited. The original goal was to complete and clear all these projects in a year, and to keep up with the new ones coming to you soon. I had found about 20 that needed doing. As I worked my way through those, Shane would take pics and was so proud of me, post to our FB group page.

From here, my goal was extended to clear (actually find!!) the tables: cutting, computer, and sewing. The problem was when I started clearing the tables and spare sewing machine, I kept finding more projects that had been set aside for another day. As of this minute, there are 50 (fifty) quilt tops complete, waiting for the need to finish. I will make the bulk of them into duvet covers, more useful in New Zealand. Their bindings (if needed) are with them to complete when they are needed. They are easier for me to store and keep clean this way.

I am pretty proud of myself! I also have a goal to be more available and “out there” for all our “fans”. I have classes on the docket this year, as well as heaps more tutorials for our YouTube channel. I think with a clean slate and nothing screaming at me to be finished, I can relax and have a bit more fun!

The cutting table has my current and next two projects on the end. The studio will be more usable once our daughter won’t be using it as her office as well (hence the second monitor and computer set up). The machines are cleaned, oiled, and have several dark and light bobbins wound, ready to go (machines covered to keep them clean!!)! Here is the “studio” now that it’s pretty much in order… (don’t look outside…it’s raining cats and dogs!) The second pic has a black “easel” on my cutting table… I love this thing, it has magnets that help me keep my cutting instructions straight and out of the way…even it is empty! Fresh start, clean slate, I almost don’t want to mess it up!

My studio ©Debi Montgomery
Cutting area ©Debi Montgomery

Let’s meet your goals together. I started another FB group called UFO Challenge 2023 as a way to encourage us to complete our projects. The difference with this group is you don’t have to be a quilter to join, you just have to have projects (paper, fabric, yarn, x-stitch, painting, or whatever suits your fancy) you need encouragement to finish. We will be having some challenges throughout the year with real prizes! I’m looking forward to sharing with you in many other ways!