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Don’t miss out on ordering your copy of the third book, Seven Diamond Studded Mystery Quilts. I have put 20% off for a limited time. Get in while you can, I will be taking it off sale soon, returning it to it’s normal price. Here are two of the patterns in this amazing book! Order the paper copy through Amazon, or the pdf version through me (pm for instructions on how to do this). I have a few copies here at home, if someone in my part of the world wants to save on shipping…

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4 responses to “Book 3 On Sale”

  1. Valerie Knight Avatar
    Valerie Knight

    Can’t seem to find this on Amazon. Do you have the link info?

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I reduced the price by 20% on Amazon. If you search my name or “Gem-Studded Mystery” you should find it. I’ll also see if it will let me copy and paste the link for you.

  2. Melissa Mathews Avatar
    Melissa Mathews

    I see the book on Amazon but I don’t think the price there reflects a sale.

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      If you see the price as $24.99, that is the sale price. We reduced the original $29.99 down for the sale. We weren’t sure how else to control a sale otherwise. We will go back in and raise the price 1 Dec.

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