I don’t know about you, but as I get older I love to go away for a while, but I truly love being home in my own bed. I spent last week with the teens of our church at teen camp. I had 23 girls in my care and it was truly an amazing week. For the first year since the beginning of time, I was not the camp chef. I absolutely loved the time with the girls, watching them grow in spirit and have so much fun. The average age was 15, way too much fun.

I spent Saturday washing teen camp bedding and towels, Sunday in church, and today starting to catch up on the house and spent some time tidying the cutting table do I can cut away tomorrow. I also spent some time with my sweet sausages, I missed them them most! Be ready tomorrow…I will have my second wind and be pouring out some fun (the first couple blocks for Classic Vintage). Time for me to rest now, see you then!

My Sweet Sausages ©Debi Montgomery


3 responses to “I’m BAACK”

  1. This is the best picture ever!!!!!

  2. You are a brave woman!!!

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I love what I do! I love that the girls see me like a nana and are kind and polite ♥️. The week went WAY better than I expected!

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