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Family Time

While this trip to the USA was for me to bring Mystery Quilts Anonymous to North America, it allowed us some time to see family as well. We enjoyed time with our daughter and her family. We also got to see Shane’s mum. This was not the fun part of the trip. She had a stroke two weeks ago which has rendered her speechless and right side paralyzed. She is completely coherent and the lack of speech is VERY frustrating for her. We taught her to write with her left hand and got her a white board so she could see what she was doing. We had some sweet talks that way. Realizing this may be the last time we see her on this side of Heaven hurts deep.

We are sitting at the airport heading to Tennessee for a couple days of quilting fun. We will then drive to see Shane’s dad… long story again… followed by a three day workshop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Then back home to book September next year. I will have dates shortly after the first of November to start booking. I will be back in Helena, Montana. I may do the “circle” in reverse next year, finishing in the southwest when it cools down!

Thanks for listening to me babble. Just needed to get that out of my heart for now so I can enjoy the next few days. ~Debi

Not a wonderful day…. Sitting at the airport now! ©Debi Montgomery