Bobbin’s Miracle Clue 4

I feel like I just put up clue 3 and it’s already time for clue 4. I am ever so thankful for this reminder each month of our sweet Bobbin girl and her amazing recovery from her back injury. It has been MONTHS now and she is still doing amazing…chasing her “siblings” and me around everywhere. What a joy to watch her personality every single day!

Pics from crate day (diagnosis day) to just this week to follow the clue! She’s amazing our Bobbin! Pretty easy blocks this month!

Bobbin’s Miracle ©Debi Montgomery

Our black/tan beauty wears her pale pink collar and can always be found by her black/tan older “brother” Henry and her red son Stitch! Love my weenies! Buttons (our baby red) doesn’t like the camera so much! Have an amazing day and see you next month for Clue 5!! ~Debi


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