I’m so sorry it has been a long time since I posted clue 3 and the previous ones. It has been such a busy few weeks. Me with long covid and we had puppies last week (see my post on Bobbin’s Babies). It has been so busy, my sewing machine hasn’t been on, I know….VERY SAD!! But now, I am improving slowly and the babies are 9 days old and doing well. It’s time to get back up and get busy!!

Let’s do this… I can’t wait to see your units and finished projects!

©Debi Montgomery


3 responses to “Sending Love Clue 4”

  1. Helen Tester Avatar
    Helen Tester

    Another beauty! Thanks so much <3

  2. There is no need for apologies. Life happens and you need to get well!!!

  3. Will you be posting a picture of your finished Sending Love quilt? Please?

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