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Mystery Quilts Anonymous

With all the feedback from yesterday’s blog, I just wanted to give you a bit more info to ponder and think on. Firstly, I need to be honest, since our beginning I have given this group and it’s members 1,000 percent of myself and my designs. I make NO money off the patterns and time spent.
I want to keep the patterns free. I love that so many can make them and love them. I feel we have so much talent out there and I love tapping into that talent and providing patterns you love. I have been trying to think of other ways to make a little money for my “work”. SO, I am thinking I will start a “real” blog and use the advertising as a source of income so the patterns and our facebook page remain free.
If you have thoughts concerning any or all of this, PLEASE make contact. I have already had one quilt shop owner contact to offer a discount to our members…this is a giant step in the direction I would like to go. We are in “negotiations” now and will give you the details once our “team” is ready with the best possible outcome. She also provides professional quilting and is considering opening that up to our group at a slight discount as well.
I am just thinking out loud and covet your thoughts!
Can’t wait to hear from you!Deb


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