Busy-ness as Usual

Seems like we are always busy and sometimes so many things stop us from doing the things we love. We have had some major life changes around here, loving every minute, but it has hindered my sewing time greatly. Our youngest and her children shifted across the world to come “home” and re-coup, grow, and have support from a “village”. This means I am back to home-schooling our three grandchildren. Our mornings are full of reading, writing, and arithmetic! The children are learning so much in such a short time, I love watching the “lights come on”!

I have also been busy writing “our” book with some of our patterns and a couple exclusive to the book patterns. AND, monetizing this blog, so the patterns can remain free to you. The goal is to keep the patterns free…more can make them. I remember what it was like when I started and couldn’t find enough free patterns to sew! Now, on the other side, I understand needing to cover the cost of websites, publishing, fabric….the list is very long. YouTube will be used more regularly as well. All these “media” outlets are “branded” with Mystery Quilts Anonymous making everything easy to find.

Our next quilt, Vis a Vis (pronounced Visa Vee), is going to be on the blog only. We will post our pics, questions, and achievements on our Facebook page, but the clues will be exclusive to the website/blog. This is a very exciting step. It will produce traffic, which means more affiliate advertising, in the end… free patterns for you. We will start this one 3 March 2020 (New Zealand Time 9:00am). That will be the the last clue for Kindred Spirits. I will post the fabric requirements on that day with clues coming out every Tuesday. Katelyn continues to post clues on Mystery Quilts Anonymous Jr Facebook group on Fridays. We are having WAY TOO MUCH FUN here!


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