Thoughts? (And puppy update)

I am so excited to learn and create more, but also excited to help others explore their talents and expand their creative horizons. I would like to offer classes for designing, colour, piecing, and anything else I can help others with. I have been thinking long and hard on how best to offer these classes, I’m thinking virtually in online groups where we are all in a “meeting”, or YouTube. I have been working on colour and accuracy this week. I am loving the results!

These classes would be in addition to what we have on our YouTube page and would be more detailed and in depth. I can’t wait to start working with you, helping you increase your skills.

More info to come…just wanted to share my thought process for now. If you would like to learn something specific, please mention it in the comments. I want to hear from you. Let’s learn together!

AND, our puppies are 4-1/2 weeks old and are running and playing about everywhere… Here’s a pic of them all in a great doxie pose… in a weeny pile! They love sleeping together and all four love to sleep on their backs. I’m in love with these babies!

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9 responses to “Thoughts? (And puppy update)”

  1. Dottie Newkirk Avatar
    Dottie Newkirk

    They’re so precious!

  2. LaRae Fait Avatar
    LaRae Fait

    I am a beginner at quilt making. I have sewn for a long time do I know terminology. I would like to start with the basics, especially choosing color in making quilt tops. The ladies on this site appear to be highly skilled with what I have seen. I love to their projects and how beautiful they turn out

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      You can do it! I can’t wait to help you with everything from start to finish.

  3. Diane Avatar

    The babies are beautiful 🤩. I would love to take your classes. I have been thinking of looking into taking classes. I feel I need it. Thank you so much for all you do.

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I’m excited! We can start at the beginning and move forward til you’re confident with everything quilty!

  4. Carol Johnson Avatar
    Carol Johnson

    The babies are so cute,I had two dotsun that are gone to be with the Lord

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I’m so sorry for your loss, they are such people pleasing loving dogs.

  5. Naomi McDougal Avatar
    Naomi McDougal

    i would love to learn all the aspects of planning a quilt from blocks to colour sound great thanks Naomi

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I am so excited about this!

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