This Week’s News

This week has an all star line up with Tiddlywinks Clue 2 tomorrow. Thursday (New Zealand time) will be Clue 2 for Whimsical Wishes and the REVEAL for our monthly mystery Stardust on Friday. That’s a fun filled week packed with heaps of stitching and playing with fabric. I can’t wait to share everything with you.

The puppies go to their forever homes this coming weekend. I am sad, but happy their new owners are so happy to have them, one family comes each weekend to visit them. I love that they love them so much. We are keeping one handsome little man. His name is Stitch and will be right beside Bobbin with me. He loves to just hang out with me when I am drawing or sewing. I think we have a very special connection. I love this little man. We even are writing our class structure and notes together.

©Debi Montgomery

Our power has been giving us fits for the past few days, but the end result is our grandson knows when the power is out Nana pulls out the iPad and designs quilts. He immediately got the iPad and got to work. I just love watching his creative side coming out. He helped with Power Glitches and X Marks the Spot (you can find both on the website). Now we are off to tell another story. This kid is pretty brilliant, loves playing with colour and design. We are looking forward to sharing our masterpieces with you!!

Have an amazing week!


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