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Just not the type that are my favourite!!! I have cut myself with my rotary cutter before, once pretty bad, but this time, UGH! Typical me, I was cutting my hourglasses apart one at a time and was getting bored and sloppy. Needless to say, the rotary cutter stopped at the bone. It took a full two hours to get the wound under control enough to tape it up.

Hubby was on a walk, sorting our “forest” out back and when he returned, found me with my arm above my head and instantly ordered “chain mail” gloves for me! That was our compromise… his first response was to ban me from the rotary cutter (second serious injury in three years… not bad). Fortunately it is my “non-dominant” hand, the one we hold the ruler with, but I can cut with both and tend to use my left more than right when sewing…This typing thing has me bamboozled though!

I may have to change my plan of attack and hit the doctor for some stitches if it doesn’t come around soon! Just not my best day! No pics today as I don’t want to gross you out!! Instead, I will leave you with a pic of my current view!

Moral of the story, slow down take my time, use the gloves he ordered for me, and when I know I am getting bored and sloppy….STOP!

Worried Pups!

Take your time today!