Spool Race…

WOW! That’s a great name for a quilt, but today it was exactly where I was! The spool for the top thread was in a fast race with the bobbin thread! The spool won, but only by a couple inches. I love watching them wind off the ends. It makes me feel like I accomplished something, having a bit of fun along the way.

Wonder which will win…. spool or bobbin???
©Debi Montgomery

BUT! Now that I have the inspiration from the name of this post; I will hit the grid paper, vintage block books, and grab the coloured pencils for a new design… how many spool variations can we find, create, rotate, saturate, or minutely change for an amazing design. I am excited to see what I can come up with. Please share your favourite spool block with me, to help keep the inspiration flowing and the designs “winding off” the design boards.

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