This lady is super excited. I got the second book (Seven MORE Mystery Quilts) finally! I have “hard copies” of both books now available from New Zealand. I am ready to ship yours to you with a personal message in each one!

This has been an incredible journey so far. I am so excited to keep moving forward and growing with you. You encourage me to keep testing my “limits” to create even better for you. THANK YOU!

If you don’t want a personally signed copy, you can purchase through Amazon or the pdf is available from me. Email, or use the contact form to get your pdf version. Book 1 .pdf is $10 and book 2 is $15.

Let me know how I can help!


9 responses to “Seven MORE!”

  1. Rosalind Duckworth Avatar
    Rosalind Duckworth

    I received my 7 more mystery quilts book this last week. Have already picked out 2 new quilts to make in the next month or two. Sew excited.

  2. Nanette Scogin Avatar
    Nanette Scogin

    Would like to know how to procure the PDF of the ‘Seven More Quilts.’ Thanks so much!

    1. Avatar

      If you’d like to pm me your email address, we can move from there. Or you can email me. Which ever you prefer.

  3. I would love both books

    1. Avatar

      I have them ready to send you!

  4. Sandra burke Avatar
    Sandra burke

    Have both when is #3

    1. Avatar

      As soon as I can get it together for you 😁

  5. This is so awesome!! So happy for you – don’t know if it is less expensive for you to do the PDF versions — I do know that a lot of designers have a free pattern for so long then put it up for sale on their web site – the cost of one pattern PDF is more than your 7 patterns for book 1 – you might want to think about this!! Thanks for all the beautiful quilts!!

    1. Avatar

      Thank you so much. I will!

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