In a Twixt Between Two

I have two projects (well more than two actually) that are next in the line up of amazing designs I have for you. I have one with curves and (more than) one with only straight cuts. These are BOTH amazing designs and you are going to love them, no matter which we do. We will get to both of them, I just need help deciding which to do first! If you can comment either here or on the FB group page with “curves” or “straight”, it will help me decide. Remember, if curves… YOU CAN DO THIS!! These are large curves and a good project to practice with. I will be with you each step of the way.

I also have Sending Love ready for you to sew for the Ukraine refugee crisis. Those clues will roll off the printer as soon as you are ready! Can’t wait to sew with you. The pic below is my fabrics for this beauty. It has been described so beautifully by the amazing lady who encouraged me to do this! I will share her thoughts in the “reveal”… beautiful story of strength and love.

Many are asking about my health… I officially have “long-haul” covid, having a fever for three and a half weeks now. It is a pretty good fever (39°C or 101°F), which makes me very lethargic at times during the day and sleeping more at night. I am controlling it (keeping it within “not worried but still high” range) with the paracetamol and rest. I am pushing fluids. I am listening to my body and resting when I need to. I have been back in the studio for two days now, getting quite a bit accomplished with our donation quilt. I try to take the laptop to bed in the evenings to write, but the brain fog sometimes prohibits me from being clear.

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  1. Bobbie Avatar


    1. Keep taking care of you !!!
      Sending healing vibes and prayers.
      Curves !!!

  2. alteresayourlinkca Avatar

    Curves and drink ginger ale it works!!!

  3. Please take your time to heal. Don’t push yourself. Pacing yourself is everything when it comes to COVID. With aroha from your biggest fan.

  4. Curves are interesting

  5. Curved and wishing your return to health.

  6. Curves – will be back in Indiana soon – have bigger stash there!!

  7. Billie Kneen Avatar
    Billie Kneen

    I haven’t done Curves, in fact they scare the H out of me.

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      So easy! If you can stitch a flying geese or HST, you got this! Let’s do it together, they are so much fun!

  8. Nancy H Avatar
    Nancy H

    Debi, I am so sorry you have this. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery even if it takes a while. Don’t push yourself, we will all be here whenever you are ready. And, when you are, curves are fun! Thanks for all you give of yourself.

  9. Kim Mai Avatar
    Kim Mai

    Let’s try curves. They scare me but if you hold my hand through it. I believe I can do them. Lol

  10. Be sure and get an oximeter to check your oxygen levels. Mine was 74 when they admitted me to the hospital. It shouldn’t be lower than 92. I also had double pneumonia but no signs other than coughing

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      My only symptom left is a fever and related lethargy. My oxygen has been good, remaining over 90%, staying between 95 and 98. Haven’t checked that in a few days though, I’ll watch it! Thank you. Hope you are feeling really good now with no lingering symptoms or issues.

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