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Challenging Myself

I tend to stay in my “comfort zone” with my designs. I’m sure you know if you make one of my designs, you will make a star or two along the way. They are my favourites and I am always including them in my quilts. I challenged myself yesterday to design something with no stars in it! I think I have come up with an interesting quilt with four colours and NO STARS!

When you’re looking for a new pattern to create, what do you look for? What are your favourite aspects of a design, what has to be included or excluded? Is my new design specifically masculine or feminine because of the lack of stars? It has flying geese, HSTs, squares, rectangles, diagonals, and straights… but no stars! I am truly excited to start it! I am excited and thankful for you pushing me to grow and learn, step out of the box and do things I “normally” wouldn’t do. THANK YOU!

©Debi Montgomery