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It is Friday the 15th of April, 2022 and today is the day Bobbin, our mini dachshund and the “official” mascot of Mystery Quilts Anonymous is going to have puppies. Her water broke just before lunch, so we will be very busy with puppies very soon. I wanted to have this “category” on the website to put her pics and the pics of the babies.

Time to get back to her! Thanks for being patient with me!


7 responses to “Bobbin’s Babies”

  1. cowelk1 Avatar

    How sweet!

  2. Sally Chrisman Avatar
    Sally Chrisman

    Go Bobbin, Go Girl!!

  3. Annemarieke Nijhof Avatar
    Annemarieke Nijhof

    She is so cute, I hope her babies will betoo.

  4. Awwww You Go Bobbin. Show us your puppies…..

  5. Exciting time!! I raised and showed Miniature Schnauzers for years. I loved when a mama birthed a puppy in my lap and looked at it as if to say “What is that thing”. Hope all goes well with Bobbin. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  6. Terry Gegner Avatar
    Terry Gegner

    I’ve probably said it before, but she looks so much like my Joyful who I had for 15 years.
    I hope whelping went well and there are many healthy babies!

  7. Margaret Avatar

    Woohoo! Well done Bobbin!

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