The weeks have been so busy recently…. seems there is always something to do, a quilt to design or finish, sewing room to tidy, fabric to put away, and so on. You know the drill. PLUS, some of you work full or part time. I admire you. I have made this group my “job”, trying to make everything easy for you. I am working on classes and one other HUGE thing up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share. I am going to check to see how much longer before I can tell you…. hoping VERY SOON! It’s really big.

Rudolph, our Bobbin’s beau will be arriving today. We have learned that one of the pups from Bobbin’s last litter got poisoned and has crossed the rainbow bridge. This sweet family is devastated so we are letting Bobbin have this one last litter to replace this broken-hearted family’s pup. He is one gorgeous, soft natured, long haired doxie I have had the privilege to meet. So for the next few days, we will be watching over our fur-babies with an extra in the pack. I have been writing feverishly so I can do some cutting while watching over them. Too much fun around here with NEVER a dull moment! Would you look at these two darlings?!?!?!

Rudolph and Bobbin ©Rachel Montgomery
Rudolph and Bobbin © Debi Montgomery

I can’t wait to share their progress with you and the pups in about 9-10 weeks. Also, these two new blocks for Classic Vintage and the quilt I just finished this week… I love it!! Shane (hubby) says it is in his top three! That makes me very happy! Now, to sandwich and quilt for the bed for winter. I will leave the old one on for now. Bobbin is still “in heat”, that makes a bit of a mess. Also, she likes to rear her pups right beside me. I stay with her in the whelping pen for the better part of the day, but she brings them to the bed at night. We allow them to sleep on towels, but they can still make a mess sometimes. After the first week, she is on the floor in the pen full-time with them until they can walk and open their eyes. They are moved to my studio then so I can watch over them 24/7. Too much fun!

Enough babbling… I need to finish these “jobs” before Rudolph arrives later today. Hope your day is amazing and you have heaps of fun doing what you love. Thanks for listening.

Friends always, Debi


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