There is so much I wanted to tell you, so I thought it easier to type it here and give you the link than to try to fit it on a group discussion page on Facebook.

Firstly, I will me in Fiji from the 10th to the 20th of July with the teens of our church. We will be singing, playing the piano, ministering to the children, and whatever else they need us to do. We are pretty much prepared for anything. I have uploaded all the clues due while I am away as I am not sure how reliable the wifi will be. I hope to share heaps of pics when we return.

Secondly, WOW what a great group we have on Facebook. I am so pleased with how everyone is participating and enjoying the mysteries. For this reason, we have decided to run another give away. I have just given you the Tailor Wrapped fabric requirements, those who complete the clues and share pics with the group (or send me an email with your pics – if not on FB) will be put in the draw for a free pattern from the Mystery Quilts Anonymous shop. You will need to let Elaine or I post your pics in the albums so we can number them. We may do a “viewer’s choice” and a random drawing. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

Lastly, I have the bulk of my itinerary complete for September. I will fly into Phoenix to see family and meet anyone in the Phoenix/Tuscon area that may want to meet at a fabric store or for dinner. From here I will be in Florence, Colorado from the 6th to the 8th of September. We are VERY near full, so book your seat NOW, we will have to start a waitlist very soon. ( for details and to book your spot). Then on to Cincinnati for Kramers and the Midwest Mystery Retreat from 12-14 September. Email for info. I am not sure how many more we can accommodate there. Then I will head to Vermont for a New England Mystery Workshop. I will be there 18-19 September. I will have more details on that one soon. I do know it is north of St Albans. We will then fly back to New Zealand via San Fran as we also have military kids in the area we would love to see as well. If you are going to be in any of these areas, please let me know. I will let you know our plans while there and I would love to meet you!

Sorry for the length, but I had a lot to say. THANK YOU for being on this journey for me. Thank you for the encouragement, the love, and family feel to everything we do! You make this so fun and easy! ~Debi Puppy pic for fun!!

Montgomery pups ©Debi Montgomery


12 responses to “A Busy July”

  1. Kathy Henderson Avatar
    Kathy Henderson

    Sounds like you’re going to be super busy with a ton of fun tossed in!

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar


  2. Pam Richards Avatar
    Pam Richards

    How wonderful. Hope you have a great time with the kids in Figu

    Praying for a safe and wonderful trip to the states!!

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      Thank you so much.

  3. Sallie Avatar

    What great trips you have planned! Lots of photo’s coming I am sure! Very exciting!!

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      Can’t wait to share with you!

  4. Julie Jensen Avatar
    Julie Jensen

    Busy busy schedule! Stay well and enjoy!

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      Thank you so much!!!

  5. Gracie Humphrey Avatar
    Gracie Humphrey

    Oh I wish you were closer so I could finally meet you in person. You’re such a fabulous teacher and designer. I am glad you’re having a fun filled July! Safe travels for you and your family. And lastly, oh my on your cuteness overload with the puppies! Love❤️❤️❤️❤️💕🐶

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      I wish I could just meet every single one of you! You are are so wonderful to me and mean the world to me on this journey! ♥️♥️♥️

  6. Rosalie Gauvin Avatar
    Rosalie Gauvin

    I would love to be on your list to get details when you are in Vermont! ♥️

    1. debiloves2quilt Avatar

      As soon as I know when and where, I will get the info out there. Just secured the venue so we are working out the final details now.

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